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My internet decided to be mean again and cut out at 7 PM-ish last night. I got bored of waiting for it to come back on, so I went to sleep… BEFORE 11 PM. DUN DUN DUUUUN. Aaaanyways, I’m feeling a little tired from getting up early and my allergies being ravaged at art camp so I’m too lazy to check to see if I’ve ever previously posted any of these… Cheese. That rhymes.

Yeah, I’m tired XD

  1. Monster – Arashi. Excuse me while I go get a mop to get my drool off the floor. If you’re a fan of Truth, you’ll definitely like Monster. Sorry, let me rephrase that: if you’re a fan of anything at all, you’re not allowed to dislike this song.
  2. Wonderful World!! – Kanjani8. I. LOVE. KANJANI8. This song should be prescribed as a medication to suicidal people, it’s just so ridiculous and uplifting (take Kyu Jo Show’s energy and put it to the power of 11). It’s bands like Kanjani8 that are the reason I will remain faithful to J-pop when K-pop fails me.
  3. Love – C.N. Blue. Continuing with the happy-peppy feeling of things comes the great C.N. Blue. It’s like, take I’m A Loner and give it happy lyrics.
  4. To Be Free – Arashi. This is 7+1, I’m allowed to have a duplicate band XD Anyways, the song: it’s inspirational. It really is. Nothing less I’d expect from Arashi. It’s kinda… take Believe and slow it down from dance speed to inspirational-credits-at-the-end-of-a-movie slow. The instruments are similar, not sure about the lyrics, too lazy to check, and the music video is pretty beautiful too.
  5. Magic Girl – Orange Caramel. This song is SO FRICKIN’ OBNOXIOUSLY CUTE, and it’s growing on me, like Bob the tree growing out of Harold’s head. Except this won’t eventually grow big enough to take root, resulting in me being unable to move and all that other bad stuff that happened to Harold. But then again, he got worshiped as some kinda tree god…
  6. Stumble Stumble – D-NA. Mah boyz are back ❤ While I admit the autotune kind of really turned me off to this at first, it still is all-in-all a pretty good song.
  7. 2 Different Tears – Wondergirls. They released this ages ago and somehow I managed to put off listening to it for so long… the English version sucks, but I love the Korean and Chinese versions. I’m pretty sure I already posted this once but I’m too tired to remember XD Whatever, it’s in three languages,
  8. Bbi-Ri-Bop-A – Narsha. Best for last 😉 I posted a link to the teaser video of this in an earlier post, the full version came out recently. I LOVE this song; it’s got such an ethereal, dream-y feel… the MV really adds to it as well. Though the cliff and forest scenes reminded me of Twilight which sort of annoyed me.

… my CPU fan’s really loud. My laptop doesn’t even feel that hot…

    • Stephie
    • July 12th, 2010

    Read the first 4 and was sooo happy! ALL GREAT SONGS!!! ❤ Especially "To be Free" by Arashi ❤ ❤ (Yes, I am still a Arashi freak…. whenever a new song comes out… or concert). Anywaysss… check the eng lyrics for it… soooo inspirational and sweet (just like ARASHI <3). Like many other fans, I cried the first time I heard and saw the subs XD… I weird. o.o Gonna stop typing now… I ❤ ARASHI and "To be Free" XD

    • MK
    • July 14th, 2010

    I feel like Monster was directed at me XD. Alright, I listened to an Arashi song. It reminded me very, very strongly of the jazz band playing Greensleeves this past Christmas. A beautiful song, lots of intriguing note choices, very catchy. Totally wrong mood XD. They sang it happily! Like Arashi! XD I don’t speak Japanese or anything, but I get the impression that it’s supposed to be a sad song :P. Remarkably like the jazz band piece.

    • Stephie
    • July 15th, 2010

    MK… you listened to an Arashi song???? … !!!!! XD YAY YOU! 😀 😀 😀 ;P

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