That’s a word I just invented. Well, it was partially inspired by “grunt,” but that’s just a weird and boring word.

I’m not really sure why I invented that word considering it has nothing to do with anything in particular, I’m just bored so I’m writing about random stuff.

Okay, I found a way to make it related. I can’t decide whether I want to give my Kabutops X-Scissor, Brick Break, or something totally unorthodox like Confuse Ray or Night Slash or even Rapid Spin… maybe those last two were a little stupid.

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure Kabutops was my first ever favourite Pokemon. Well, I think it still holds that special place in my heart above everything even now, I mean, it was practically love at first sight: back in like grade 3 I got one of those Pokemon books with info on all the species; and it was in French. Obviously I didn’t understand a word of it so I looked at the pretty pictures, and Kabutops kinda jumped at me… I mean, let’s look at its features:

The thing’s freaking made of rocks or something and it’s still got this streamlined body that’s perfect for swimming and looks all funky with them spikes. But I think what really got me back then was THE FREAKING SWORDS ATTACHED TO ITS ARMS.

Well, obviously nowadays in the fourth generation Kabu-Kabu isn’t alone with the swords-for-hands thing, but it still scores way higher on the badass meter than Gallade, so no competition there really. I’m kinda mad that the only place Kabu-Kabu really has in competitive battling anymore is on Rain Dance teams, I bet this thing would be a beast if you got a Ninjask or Yanmega to Baton Pass a few Speed Boosts and a Swords Dance… heck, that’d solve my X-Scissor vs. Brick Break dilemma because then I could pick both XD

Suddenly I feel the need to go through my fave Pokemon through the ages… I mean, not like I had much of a choice, my first Pokemon game was Pokemon XD: GoD back in… 2006? Nah, maybe it was ’07… :/

2nd gen: Houndoom.

Considering I kind of technically skipped Gen 2 (I don’t remember playing this on anyone’s Gameboys XD), even now I can barely tell Gen 2 and Gen 3 Pokemon apart. When I got Pokemon XD, Houndoom became one of my main Pokemon beside Jolteon (in retrospect, that was kind of stupid considering the massive ground weakness there). I like Houndoom because… well, it looks like some kinda demon dog from Hell, and I love dogs, so, uh… XD Honourable mention goes to Ampharos; the reasons I picked Houndoom over Amphy are because 1) I’ve got more “history,” so to speak, with Houndoom, and 2) coolness comes before cuteness in my book.

3rd gen: God, this was a tough decision. In the end, I was caught between Flygon, Aggron and Breloom. In the end, it ended up being…

(That’s Aggron for the Pokemon un-savvy XD) Aron stole my heart the first time I saw it while playing a friend’s copy of Ruby. I was captured by the sheer cuteness of the armored baby turtle. I’m not too much of a fan of Lairon, since he just looks like Rhyhorn with steel plating thrown on. But dude; Aggron… HE’S A ROCK DINOSAUR COATED IN STEEL ARMOR. You don’t get much more badass than that XD Well, Kabu-Kabu’s a pretty good contender too 😛 Honourable mentions to Breloom, whose cuteness also got me (this was before I knew it could be such a pain with Spore/SubPunching) and Flygon.

4th gen: This was another tough one for me since Gen 4 introduced a lot of cool, weird, and… weird ones. In the end, I ended up choosing…

Bronzong! The bronze bell Pokemon is one pain of an opponent. One reason I love Bronzong: it’s an even bigger pain to face in my second-favourite weather, rain. With Levitate curing its Ground weakness and the rain reducing Fire damage down to normal 1x, there is practically no way to OHKO this fortress of a monster.

Okay, that’s a lie, Choice Specs Heatran could, but in rain that’d be a whole different story 😉 Of course, Bronzy’s useful for practically every weather condition out there (Sunny Day would be kinda stupid, let’s just make the fire weakness even worse!), and it’s one of the few mons that the great monster that is Tyranitar actually struggles against.

Outside of sheer imperviousness, Bronzong has an interesting story behind its inspiration, which you can read here because it’s kinda long. Other contenders for this spot include: Garchomp (the thing’s a freaking jet-plane/shark hybrid XD), Vespiquen (usually I hate bugs but for some reason I find Vespiquen kinda mysteriously captivating), Dusknoir (wish there was enough room for me to name mine “Phantom of the Opera” :P) and Rotom (electric poltergeist-thing that possesses random kitchen appliances = win).

PS: I love those cute little Pokemon gijinka pictures. I have no clue who made them, but they’re adorable X3

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