Top 7+1: Folk Week!

I’ve decided I’m looking at Asian pop too much, so I need to extend my horizons, so every third or maybe second week is gonna be themed with some… thing. I think next theme will be anything with the word “green” in the title just to see what comes up XD Anyways, for this week I decided to look for folk and traditional-style stuff.

  1. Ievan Polokka – Loituma. I forgot about this song for like 4 years, to be honest. Back when that silly “Dolly Song” by Holly Dolly (that ridiculous CGI donkey/horse/hippo/I don’t really know in a tutu XD) was popular, I looked up its origins and discovered this Finnish/gibberish gem. Careful, it’s catchy 😉
  2. Drunken Sailor – Great Big Sea. I’m a sucker for any Canadian folk-rock band, Great Big Sea was one of the first to get me into the genre you could say 😛 Okay, so the song’s not exactly technically folk, it’s a sea shanty, but I say that’s like sailor/pirate folk so it counts XD
  3. Quviasulirpunga Inuunialirama – Nukariik. Don’t ask me how to pronounce the title, it’s Inuktitut 😛 Inuktitut is a funky language. It’s… ah, just listen to the song.
  4. Dégénération – Mes Aïeux. You know I can’t go without listing this song, so don’t pretend I didn’t, because I did. So ha.
  5. Ceadeus Theme Part 2 – Monster Hunter 3. Okay, I know this is music from a (AWESOME) video game, but if you listen to just the first few seconds of this song you’ll probably change your preconceived notions. Everything’s acoustic, the percussion is intense (:D) and the vocals are just so eerie. This probably could pass as some kind of traditional song… somewhere…
  6. Lark in the Morning – The Irish Descendants. Why do I picture a leprechaun dancing on a table singing this song whenever I hear this? XD
  7. Irish Drinking Song: Wrong Name – cast of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” The Irish thing up there made me think of this. Okay, so this is comedy improvisation, but since it’s based on a tune which is folk-y, it counts. At least in my mind, I don’t care about yours. Just kidding *hugs* 🙂 This song might sound questionable at first, but believe me, it gets pretty frickin’ hilarious XD I love the cast of WLiiA… Ryan Stiles happens to be in Frasier and the Drew Carey Show, a pair of sitcoms I rather adore 😛
  8. Scarborough Fair – Celtic Woman. Ah, this song makes me think of the great epic fails we had in band…

Oh, you’re probably wondering why I posted this a day late. Well, yesterday, I was planning to, but then I just kept putting it off, then remembered at 11:30 PM that I was gonna do this, but then remembered I had a dentist appointment at 10:10 AM today, so I kinda had to sleep… XD

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