What the crap is this…

The Swiss gnomes are at it again. They’re really, really starting to piss me off. I mean, it’s summer, at this age we need to get our driver’s licenses/take courses, get jobs, enjoy our possibly last real summer “vacation”… and what are those disgusting gnomes doing?


Yes, IB kids, we have summer homework. ToK crap. We have to go to the National Art Gallery, look at stuff, and write about what emotions it stirs in us and some other crap.

Nope, it’s been like 12 hours since I heard the news from Steph and I still think that’s really stupid. So now I’m going to write a nice long rant as to why I think it’s stupid. And now that I’ve added the more tag, I can swear.

First of all, this is summer. I know for a fact that this is going to be my last work-free summer, so I intend to enjoy it to the fullest extent. I had art camp last week, got my drivers course this week, visiting the cottage sometime in August, got some kinda cruise going on in August too, then the start of the school year is probably gonna hit me like an 18-wheeler going down the freeway… I’m not gonna think about school now. But now, because of these bastards with twisted senses of humor, I’m going to be haunted by the thoughts of this project for who knows how long.

It doesn’t even matter if I finish it early because I’m going to be constantly plagued by the thought: “Is it good enough?” Fuck this. I honestly hate whoever comes up with this crap, because they clearly don’t want us to have a break. I mean, I know it’s only one little visit to one little FRICKIN’ HUGE gallery, but dude, if you look at how many questions we have, and the fact that they’re ALL open-ended, we’re gonna end up writing a lot of words.

Now, I get annoyed enough when I have to write a lot of stuff for school; I’m fine with my writing whenever I feel like it, which brings me to my next point of rantage: I hate combining school and art. Art stopped being fun for me when I left my school I’d gone to for grades 3-5 because none of the 2 schools I’d been to after that had any teachers who were truly focused enough on visual art. Instead of learning about the significance of techniques by practicing them, we were given parameters and we had to conjure up something within them. I hated my art at those 2 schools because there was so little to work with, resulting in me never being proud of the end result. I hated being obligated to finish work I started when I didn’t feel like it, because I needed the social atmosphere at school to produce my best work, not the boring, distracting environment I’d get at home doing my art as homework. I hated how I was being forced to think about and analyze my work, because I never feel like I want to do something when I’m being told to do it. I couldn’t do what I enjoyed and felt like doing.

One thing I really loathe about this assignment is because I know I’m going to bullshit the whole thing. And that’s not fair, because I know that when something’s art-related I can really try to put my heart into it. But as soon as you slap that “school” label on it, I’m convinced whatever my heart thinks of isn’t going to be good enough. I don’t want these idiot teachers shoving me in their direction, I’m not a sheep.

This stupid-ass assignment has me (yet again) questioning what the hell I’m really doing in IB. I don’t see how this class is supposed to help us at all. Most of us in IB operate primarily on pure and simple, clearly laid-out logic. Or our own form of logic. ToK is basically making us give them our logic and let them rape it before our eyes. “Class that makes you think about the way you think you think?” I’ve been thinking my way for the last 16 years and it’s served me well enough, this isn’t gonna change my ideologies, the only thing it’s changing so far is my attitude towards IB. You know what, IBO? Go curl up and die in a hole, ’cause you’re not gonna break me.

    • Stephie
    • July 21st, 2010

    I agree with you 100%! BEST RANT YET!!! I hope someone from the IBO sees this…. or an IB teacher. πŸ˜€

    • MK
    • July 22nd, 2010

    Wanna go to the museum together? We can go as a group, and it will be fun ^^. I can’t say I agree with you- ToK is the class I’m looking forward to the most XD. Maybe the gnomes got to me :P.

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