Sunday Top 7

Idiot siblings aside, the show must go on, right? 😉 Thankfully there’s been some pretty good new material out lately, so I’ve got some pretty good stuff to list ^.^

  1. Lucifer – SHINee. I was so afraid SHINee would never be able to top the awesomeness that is “Ring Ding Dong”… well, now I don’t have to worry, because they did XD Though I really, really don’t like Key’s hair, why did they shave off so much of his beautiful hair? ;.; There’s something neat about this song too. But you’re not allowed to find out what that is until you listen to the song at least once.
  2. Go Go Sing – Black Pearl. Apparently this 4-girl group had been on hiatus for the last three years, but hey, it’s great that they’re back even if I had no clue who they are. I like how they have a happy SNSD-esque sound and their voices don’t even need as much processing.
  3. “O”-Jung.Ban.Hap. – DBSK. Surprised I keep forgetting to put this song up, I listen to it almost as much as Love in the Ice and Mirotic and yet I’ve neglected to mention this little gem… By the way, the MV’s the Japanese version, I can’t find an authorized Korean version x.x The beginning kinda made me think of a Jay Chou MV… and Mickey looks like Jack Sparrow! XD
  4. Clap Clap – Teen Top. Honestly, these guys scared me at first. Marketing themselves as a “sensitive” boy band, and in one video I’d seen one of the boys looked like an Asian Justin Bieber. But, I gotta give them credit, for people our age they don’t suck at all. Was reading through the comments on the video, thankfully I’m not the only one who hears “crab” every time they say “clap” XD
  5. U – Super Junior-M. (Yeah, replaced the old #5, decided I don’t like it after all.) I really, really liked U, and I really^3 like the Chinese version. They changed some of the instrumentals around, which is great, because I like that more acoustic sound; obviously they changed the lyrics, which is cool, because Chinese is really starting to grow on me; and they added a Henry solo, which is epic, because Henry Lau rocks (and that’s totally not my Canadian bias speaking) 😀
  6. A Little Bit of Good – CSJH The Grace. God, I hope these girls pull out of their hiatus soon, their voices have such incredible synergy and power… if this song doesn’t justify that, then I don’t know what does. There’s no way you can deny that this song isn’t incredible and touching. I love how The Grace can sound so awesome without all the blatant processing you see all over K-pop today. I need them baaack ;.;
  7. Poison – Brown-Eyed Girls. Since B.E.G.’s planning to re-release a few of their songs in Japan eventually (and I must say, the Abracadabra teaser sounds awesome :D), I decided to investigate some of their other stuff. I guess you could say B.E.G.’s my substitute The Grace, outside of the rapping and processing, their vocals sound pretty similar in this song.

And here’s a random link to a cover of Wonder Girls’ “2 Different Tears” by Jiyoon and Gayoon from 4minute. I think they nailed it, even if their English isn’t as good XD

Okay, so I assume at this point you listened to Lucifer. If you didn’t, do it now.


Did you notice most of the song is only one tone? You gotta appreciate how they can somehow manipulate everything around that one note, and make the song still sound so not one-tone-ish 😛

Also, I love Taemin’s new look. He’s the one with the gorgeous long hair and intense eyes ❤

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