K-pop girl groups: in MAJOR need of weeding

There have been a ridiculously large amount of group debuts between 2009 and now that it’s almost dizzying trying to count them all. For the heck of it (since I haven’t been writing much outside of ranting XD), I’ve decided to go through the groups that have debuted from 2009-present day and sort them into three categories: the great, the good-but-needs-a-little-something-something and the meh. For this I’m gonna go throw some more obscure groups in since we all know enough about groups like 2NE1, Secret, 4minute, f(x) and T-ara.

The Great

Nine Muses


A 9-member girl group that, as far as I know, has only done this one song from some drama, and dude, anyone who dares compare these ladies to SNSD going to get a prompt smack in the face, courtesy of yours truly. Their style is very different from SNSD’s; instead of using happy-peppy instrumentals in the form of piano, electric guitar and that pop-rock-y drum kit, these ladies have a more mature sound in the form of the lower piano register, strings, and a clearly synthesized drum beat, plus un-processed (or very subtly processed) vocals, which I can really appreciate. I’m so excited for their first single and live performance ^.^

Miss A

I gotta admit, I wasn’t really a fan of them at first… but like many songs, it just took a while to grow on me. I think it’s just the instrumentals of “Bad Girl, Good Girl” that annoy me (it gets kinda repetitive after a while), but dude, their debut stage was frickin’ awesome. Can’t believe how they easily kept their breathing together and voices in key in spite of the choreography they had to keep up with. Their image is a little adult for my taste I’ll admit, but hey, if you ignore that and just enjoy the music, it’s fine, right? 😛


OH MY GOD. WHY COULDN’T I FIND THESE PEOPLE ANYWHERE BEFORE?! ;.; I’ve been wishing to find a boy-girl mixed group for ages. Apparently these people debuted in 2009 and they weren’t being worshiped anywhere? Okay, this post was focusing on girl groups, but I can’t ignore this awesome group. Seriously, they’re trying to bring a disco sound to the scene and some call them the Korean equivalent of ABBA. Frankly, I find them quite awesome. Though their name made me think of B2ST at first, the song I heard (Cra2y) quickly counteracted that.

The Good-But-Needs-a-Little-Something-Something


I love Sistar’s sound. I really do. But, ugh, their main vocalist (Hyolin, far right) and rapper (Bora, middle-left) are pretty much carrying the whole band. Heck, I saw this one music video they did for like cheering on South Korea during FIFA and stuff, and even in shots where the 4 girls were jumping around together, it zoomed in on only on Bora and Hyorin, and it was actually painful it was so obvious x.x If you want to feel bad for Soyou and Dasom, clicky.


I gotta admit, their first single was so conceited and annoying and… ugh, it had me hooked. But that’s what first singles are designed to do, and in K-pop there’s practically a cookie-cutter thing going on nowadays. In spite of the generic (and slightly annoying) sound, I really gotta hand it to the Prismatic 7, they sound great live. Here’s to hoping their second release doesn’t suck XD

The Meh(diocre)

Girl’s Day

(Okay, I ROFL’d while trying to find a group picture… when I finished typing in “girl’s “, the popular searches were making me wonder how many pedophiles get their pr0nz off Google XD)

These girls just sound like another 4minute. They’re so painfully generic that I honestly can’t listen to them without feeling dizzy and then wanting to bang my head against the nearest hard surface. They should have a year of more training at least, now’s a bad time to debut considering all the debuting that’s been happening lately, and these poor girls are definitely going to be cast aside if they don’t pick up their acts. If you don’t believe me, this should change your mind. (Honestly, I was doing the Hot Issue dance in my head while listening to this, they match up too well XD)

Free Star

Frankly, their first song should say enough about them, but if you want to spare your ears and read this instead, that’s cool. Frankly, their look seems to be a bad ripoff of SNSD’s Oh! performances with some gangsta thrown on top. Their song sounds like they’re trying to pull off some kinda Sorry Sorry-style thing, but not only have they totally missed it, they’re giving me Ke$ha vibes… they sound awful with and without processing. Honestly, I bet I could autotune one of those generic voices from a text-to-speech generator and come up with something better. I can only hope they don’t suck live, though to be honest I’m not sure I can bother giving them the benefit of the doubt.

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