Dream of 05/08/10

I don’t remember most of this because mom woke me up, and if I’m forced awake most of my dream tends to disappear, but I’ll do my best XD (What’s really, really bugging me now is I know my dream had a moral and I absolutely can’t remember it now…)

I was waiting outside of school for my mom to come pick me up, but for some reason, she never came. For some reason I had the keys to her van, which was conveniently in the parking lot, so I drove myself home, which was pretty awesome… outside of being attacked by a giant crow at some point. Odd, eh?

So when I get home, for some reason we’re now living in some big mansion which looks like a hotel, and there was a party going on. Bored, I ventured off to the games room, which ended up being a harder task than expected because the hallway leading to the room had been turned into this massive trap and the only way out of it was to walk this tightrope all the way down. And it was very blue. Anyways, I made it down the tightrope and into the room, which was actually an arcade, which was cool.

Immediately some ninja-game got my attention, ’cause it had a sword peripheral. The way the game worked was your character was an initiate ninja, and he’d stand on this small platform, and there was a jumble of platforms around him. Fruit and enemy ninjas would randomly appear on the platforms, and you’d have to slice them with your sword. The fruit couldn’t attack, but the ninjas could, so if you took too long to hit the ninjas, they’d hit you. The game was split into rounds, with each progressive round having more, faster enemies. Sounded neat at first, but when I got started, for some reason I was on Round 8, and I learned the hard way that the controls were clunky and sucked. I did make it to Round 10 though. Then I found out why I was on Round 8; some Asian kid was playing the game before me and for some reason left for a minute.

So I apologized to the kid, and went to play something else, don’t remember what. I played another game, then noticed that the machine said: “Your credt: $27” before I started playing. Well, I ignored that, so I played the game, and when I lost, that $27 got bumped up to $36. I then realized “credit” meant “debt,” so I ran (though I don’t see why I should be in debt when it’s my house…)

Thankfully, there was an emergency exit, and it led me right outside. The area looked like some kinda clearing in a forest, except the ground was all mud and clay instead of grass. In the middle, there was this circle of Jamaican people that were carving designs into the wet mud with their feet. I went closer to see what they were doing, and then they all looked at me. They told me I was the Chosen One (hello cliché) and that… well, actually I don’t remember if they actually told me this or if their designs magically put the idea in my head, but I had to find and return the 14 signs of the Sages before some evil person did and… I dunno, I just had to find them. The signs looked like funky bronze coins.

Conveniently, I didn’t have to find the first sign because for some reason it was already wherever it was supposed to be, and the other 13 signs were in a pool in the backyard. Inconveniently, whoever that evil person was was making sure that I couldn’t get them and was using their weird mind-powers to make people try to either 1) get the signs first, or 2) drown me while I was trying to get the signs.

Thankfully, every time I collected a sign it resurrected the Sage it corresponded to, so I got help in the form of their magic powers (kinda like when Link got Din’s, Farore’s and Nayru’s powers in LoZ: OoT), and eventually collected the 13 signs. Now I had to return them to wherever they belonged, which was out in the middle of some desert. I randomly found this epic starship on the roof of the mansion, so I took that. Unfortunately, that evil person had a ship too, and chased me. I eventually managed to shoot them down, but we were really close to the place where I had to return the signs, so the evil person chased me on foot to the place. I put all the signs on top of some rock where the first one was, and everything was alright. The evil person even stopped trying to kill me, and said something about learning some kind of lesson, but I don’t remember it anymore.

You know, the weird part was, even when I was standing right in front of the evil person, I never saw their face. What really surprises me is that outside of my shooting down the evil person’s ship (and them being still alive >.>), my dream had practically no violence. I played kickball with the Jamaicans in a second dream just before mom woke me up XD

    • MK
    • August 6th, 2010

    Man, you get some pretty epic dreams XD. The latest dream I remember involved white paper cranes, and some complicated math problem that I solved using them XD. Before that, I had a dream about coupons :P.

    • Stephie
    • August 9th, 2010

    That is one AWESOME dream!! The last dream I remember is: it was the first day of school… and out of the six classes I had, Mme Cote was the teacher of TWO of them. Actually- it wasn’t a dream… more like nightmare. >.<

    But I think I know where you got some of the ideas from (for your dream): Fruit ninja (your ipod game), driving… from being able to drive… etc XD

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