Does anyone recognize this?

As some of you may know, I’ve been cleaning out the pile of drywall and dust I call my room, and being a packrat, I hoard some odd stuff. I came across this random sheet of paper titled “Random Poem.” Judging from its contents I’d say I wrote it in grade 9, and so I’m wondering: does anyone recognize this poem? I’m thinking I might have wrote it but I kinda don’t remember XD

Gracefully, the little flames danced,
Perfectly igniting the night sky.
Though the gorgeous shades of red
Rise through the lifeless landscape,
A mighty gush of water quells the flames.

Erased from reality, despite their beauty,
The fire takes the forest with it.
Tragically, nothing remains.

But a small seed,
Protected by the powerful embrace of the earth,
Springs up,
Granting new life.

Dang that’s cheezy. There were some other details on the page which are sort of pointing to me writing it:

“Role: Narrator
Audience: Random people
Format: Poem
Topic: Fire!
Strong Verb: Tell
Words: tragically, danced, perfectly, erased, despite”

If I did write it, daaaaang, why is it that everything I write sounds stupid to me? XD (See, this is why I prefer pencils and paintbrushes over words :P)

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