I think I need to go to a zoo.

I had a lot of random, short dreams last night, including one where I was riding a sled with a dog through construction being done on my street, but this one is the one I remember the most vividly:

So I was home alone. In a dream, this obviously can’t go well. I walked over to the kitchen, and I ended up looking out the window…

There was a freaking TIGER in the backyard. Panicking, I ran to the front door, and I looked out the window.

There was a freaking LION in the front. I heard a crash in the kitchen, and then crunching sounds. The tiger had gotten into the house. Panicking even more, I grabbed the phone (lolwhut) and started dialing our home phone number for some reason (double lolwhut).

Then I woke up XD

  1. Nice work ! I`m goin` to submit this one to my blog xD

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