Top 7!

I put this off too long to do my “Things with Green” theme so it’s a normal top 7 this week XD

  1. Jeez – B2Y. God, I love B2Y’s sound, so ABBA-esque without being ABBA.
  2. Crazily Pretty – DNT (Dragon ‘n’ Tiger). Found these guys in the Related Videos for #1 XD Either way, this is pretty funky… as the person who posted the video said: They kinda remind me of 2NE1 šŸ˜›
  3. Chocolate Love – SNSD. I really preferred the f(x) version of this song, but the SNSD version has kind of grown on me…
  4. Me – Super Junior-M. God, I love their beautiful smiles, and I love this happy song šŸ˜€
  5. Break It – Namie Amuro. The MV to this kinda creeps me out, and I have no clue who this person is, but I like how this song has a vaguely K-pop-ish feel to it.
  6. How – Sori. I just noticed Sori released more than just Real Lips, so I checked out how other tracks, and I’m actually really liking her sound for some reason. It’s cutesy in an SNSD-ish way, but Sori’s got her own strange charm, which is kinda proven by this song after you get through the chorus for the first time XD
  7. BONAMANA (live acoustic remix) – Super Junior. Saved best for last, because this is just funky šŸ˜€ Really helped me appreciate as Bonamana as its own song and not some watered-down Sorry Sorry ā¤
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