Nine Muses… no >.>

I meant to post this ages ago, so now I’m wrote it on my laptop while we got lost trying to find our way to Boston.

So, I expressed how excited I was about Nine Muses a few posts ago… I loved Give Me. It is/was such a well-orchestrated song. And I still think it is, I really need to stop neglecting to download it… Well, a few nights ago I was listening to my music on my iPod when I realized I never downloaded that song. With my laptop out of reach with the 10 PM rule and all that, I searched “Nine Muses” on Youtube… Lo and behold, the Muses had finally made their official debut with a song called “No Playboy”, so I checked it out.

All I have to say is: Nine Muses is a very, very wrong name for the group. It’s really should be: A Decent Singer, a Rapper and a Bunch of Models.

No Playboy is a terrible song. It’s not enjoyable or catchy, it’s generic and lame, the one singer who sings most of the chorus pretty much carries the whole performance, and the choreography is so ridiculously boring that it looks more like the ladies are modelling whatever outfit they’re wearing than performing a song. I really had high hopes for them, but now I see whatever entertainment company it is that’s signed them is gonna ruin whatever shreds of hope I have left for them. As many people on YouTube said… They either need a lot more training, or really should just stick to modelling. Give Me could’ve been sung by Secret or something instead. Heck, I’d take Rainbow over Nine Muses.

I suppose I should post proof of what made me so disappointed… so here it is >.<

PS: I only found out recently that Nine Muses is made up of models… heh, female X-Cross knock-off anyone? Oh wait, X-Cross can actually perform -.-

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