Oh God.

Well, when I went to take a shower this morning, my razor had completely disappeared from the shower. I’d used it last time I took a shower, which was only 2 days ago, and for some reason the razor cover was still there. Ben was the last one to have taken a shower (and the only other one home), I asked him where it could’ve went, he said he didn’t know.

So, I grabbed a new one and took my shower… but I was insanely suspicious. There were little bits of hair stuck to the bathtub and the walls. They had to have come from somewhere and it definitely wasn’t me.

Well, I’d forgotten about that until we were driving home from seeing Shrek Forever After in 3D at Rainbow Cinemas (we had coupons >.>)… He had his hands up behind is head in that relaxing position…

His armpits were very obviously shaved.

My conclusion? Ben’s using my razor. And that’s disgusting, so I’m hiding it. I’ve already had a previous incident with my stuff in the bathroom being used by an unknown someone, last time it was my delicious-smelling orange lotion… is any of my stuff in the bathroom not safe anymore? D:

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