Adventures on the Maasdam: Day 1

(Part of my cruise story ;D I’m being really vague when referring to my family just in case some stranger stumbles upon these…)

It was a bit of a hassle getting on to the ship… this thing can hold 1200 people, and thank God they had a system for getting no more than 100 people checking in at a time because if everyone rushed in at once, it would’ve been bananas :S Speaking of bananas, a had more Dunkin Donuts hash browns for breakfast this morning. Starting to miss home-cooked meals…

I was checking the crowd out a lot. My parents already warned us that there weren’t gonna be many kids here. Using my totally computer-like brain, I calculate that 95% of the people on this cruise are old.

Lunch actually kinda rocked. I am still missing good ol’ home-cooked food, but I had some good rotisserie chicken and roasted potatoes for lunch. Everything was just a massive buffet. My youngest brother was smart, he got dessert before the rush came in. They got a lot of different kinds of food here, I’ll have to try out the sushi sometime… I’m a little disappointed that they don’t have mochi at the dessert table, but it’s not exactly a mainstream thing so I’ll understand XD Random thing I noticed: the mat in the elevator said “Saturday.” I wonder if they change it every day.

It was gonna take them two hours after lunch to finish with our rooms and stuff, so my family kinda split up and wandered. My mom and I explored a few of the floors, then somehow everyone magically regrouped at this pool close to the stern. The ship wouldn’t get moving until 5 PM, and it was only 2 PM-ish, but that ocean wind was so cold, I really don’t see how my dad could possibly be crazy enough to swim in this cold weather XD My brothers and I went and got ice cream. There wasn’t much variety though, just 2 sherbets, chocolate, vanilla and something I forgot. I was kinda hoping for cookie dough or rocky road. But it’s okay, I haven’t had plain chocolate ice cream in a while.

Since my brothers had wandered in a different direction than my mom and I, we found out from them that there was a library, which was cool, because I brought books to read, so we checked that out. There were also these club-ish things for certain age groups, and today was a kind of open house-ish thing, so my mom and I had wandered in there to check it out, and my youngest brother showed up a few minutes later. We played Apples to Apples with some kid there. My brother frickin’ owned us. But I was stuck with some pretty stupid cards…

I swear to God, this ship has been taunting me. Every third time I glanced at a wall, I’d see the words “Wireless Hot Spot.” The library had internet too. But dude, the internet here costs a friggin’ 75 cents a minute (dunno if that’s in Canadian or American) O.o Everywhere I look, there’s internet just out of my reach… All I can do is watch enviously as the rich old people check their stocks or something.

Eventually my mom and I went down to check out our room; the plan was supposed to be my brothers and I with 2 beds and 1 couch in one room and my parents with the king-size bed in another, but there’s some rule that there’s gotta be a person over the age of 25 in every room, which is why I have to share the room with the one bed with my mom. Obviously, I’ve never been on a cruise before, so I had no clue what to expect…

I swear, my room at home is barely any smaller than the one we’ve got. I mean, obviously we’re not meant to spend much time in here anyways and my parents did get the cheapest rooms possible, but ugh, it’s not easy adjusting when you’re slightly claustrophobic.

Well, we unpacked, and the ship had just started moving out of port when we got up to a deck, so I took some pictures and videos as we went out. It was pretty funky. I felt kinda bad breaking the news to my family that we definitely wouldn’t be seeing any whales as we headed out, we were way too close to the shore anyways…

We went to the fancy restaurant for dinner. My brothers had to change since the dress code for that night was “smart casual.” I came prepared with my nice collared shirt and dress-y looking pants before we even got on the ship 😉

The food there was PHENOMONAL. I mean, sure we had to wait until 6 PM for open seating, but dude, not only did we get a great table with a view directly at the stern, the service was fast and the food… oh the foooood *drools* I ordered this potato soup, and it was soooo creamy and savoury and delicious and uuugh, I want it again… Okay, that sounded weird, but really, it was good soup. And that was just an appetizer, I ordered these pork ribs with mashed potatoes and garlic coleslaw (bleh) for the main course… While the ribs were a pain to chew, they tasted soooo good with the mashed potatoes…

After dinner, I announced I was gonna go down to the library and read. I went back to my room, got my book, and when I got to the library: surprise surprise, my family was there playing Yatzee XD

After spending a while reading, my brother and I went to check out that club-thing for people 13-17, it started at 9 PM. I was hoping I’d get to meet people through playing Halo 3 and Half-Life 2: The Orange Box on Xbox 360… instead we spent an hour and a half playing that “Never have I ever ____” game. It was fun at first, but it dragged on for so long, and the councillor wasn’t changing the game… I booked it as soon as she pulled out this game called Catchphrases, I needed to take a shower and I was gonna die of boredom.

So I took my shower, went to bed with my hair wet, probably a bad idea… but man, if only I didn’t have to share that bed with mom (even though I got to sleep a lot better sharing with her than I did with my brother >.>), it was soooo comfy 😀

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