Adventures on the Maasdam: Day 2

(Another part of my cruise story ;D I’m being really vague when referring to my family just in case some stranger stumbles upon these…)

Today’s towel animal: Caterpillar! 😀 (Everyone tells me it’s an armadillo… I don’t believe them XD)

Mom woke me up at 8 frickin’ AM. I slept awfully at the Boston hotel for the last few nights so the bags under my eyes still haven’t disappeared… they got a bit better though. My hair’s a curly mess, probably should’ve dried it before going to sleep last night >.<

My mom had ordered some stuff for Room Service to deliver to us for breakfast, it was supposed to come at 8:30 AM. After waking me up, she went up to one of the decks to read. I sat around in bed for I dunno how long, this room doesn’t have any frickin’ clocks in it besides one on the phone, and its display is painful to read. Guess I should put out my iPod tonight. Anyways, eventually I managed to crawl out of bed, I only managed to get my socks on when my dad called to make sure I was up. Mom came back a few minutes before Room Service was supposed to come, which was good, because that meant I wouldn’t have to worry about them coming by while I was taking my shirt off or something.

15 minutes went by. Still no food yet. My brothers and dad invaded mom’s and my room for a visit, since they weren’t getting their food yet either, and according to brother #1 there was a guy out there complaining because he hadn’t gotten food yet either. Eventually someone called at 9:00 telling us the food would be another 10 minutes, my mom told them to cancel my family’s orders and we went up to the buffet restaurant for breakfast. The elevator’s mat said Sunday on it.

That was definitely a good idea. They had some good stuff out. Scrambled eggs, eggs Benedict, sausages, bacon, cereal… you name it, they had it. I had scrambled eggs and bacon and chocolate milk, then for my newly invented meal called “dessert from breakfast” I got a cinnamon roll :3 (Definitely not as good as my cinnamon buns that I make though ;))

My dad started talking about this little contest he’d heard of that was happening on the cruise. We’d have to scrounge any materials we could get to make a boat, then on the second-last day the boats’d float on the St. Laurent river, and they’d be judged based on aesthetics, floatability, and whether or not it could keep floating while supporting 12 cans of “soda” (we call it “pop” in Canada XD). My dad’s ex-Canadian Navy and my brothers are pretty into boats, so my dad signed us up right away, and made us save the cartons from our chocolate milks as our first boat materials. Lucky we brought tons of packing tape…

After breakfast, my mom showed me the deck where she was reading. It was kinda funky actually; see, the ship’s too big to pull into port (we’re in Bar Harbor, Maine right now), so they’re using the lifeboats to ferry people around. At first I wasn’t convinced those things could hold 150 people. After seeing those things in action (they’re bigger than this $7k boat we used to own XD), I’m a believer. But we had to move away from that side of the ship to read since the diesel fumes from the lifeboats were really stinky. The other side was a nice scenic view of the… whatever this place is, ocean or lake, it’s all water to me XD Looks a lot like Algonquin Park actually, though I doubt anyone knows what I mean by that 😛 Lots of islands with trees and rocks. The only signs of civilization on this side were the various sailboats and occasional tour boats that went by.

We ended up reading all the way into lunchtime. I’d been craving a burger for the last 3 days, never got one, and thank God there was a place that handed out burgers, right by the pool too. Mom and I happened to meet up with the boys again, and they’d been wanting burgers too, so my brothers and I all grabbed some cheeseburgers for lunch. They weren’t that good… at least my craving’s gonna be gone for a while now :S I had some iced tea with that, it wasn’t sweetened though and I think mine had some kind of anti-sweetener inside it because I dumped 2 packets of sugar into it and that still wasn’t enough XD For dessert, I wanted éclairs, so I got a hazelnut éclair and a fancy bowl of yummy chocolate mousse. The éclair wasn’t that good though. Mousse rocked.

The boys went off to play ping-pong, mom to read, and I spent some time on my DS, but the battery ran low pretty quickly so I came back to the room to charge it. The random fruit we ordered yesterday was delivered while Room Service was cleaning our room up… I ate half an apple in spite of my ridiculous allergies to pollen and pesticides 😀 (For those of you worrying: don’t worry, none of my allergies are deadly XD I just got annoyingly itchy and slightly swollen lips, itchy inside my mouth and a kind of swollen feeling in my throat… either way, my family’s got Epipens around just in case some fluke happens.)

There’s only ONE freaking outlet in this WHOLE ROOM. Well, there are two others but they’re shaped really weird, the only useable one is the 115 V one. So I started typing up Day 1 and Day 2 of the adventures while my DS charges. Now I’m making funny faces at myself in the mirror, and I just noticed I’m looking a bit tanned compared to my usual paleness (somewhere between corpse-pale and sheet-white), which is weird because I swear I’ve hit a point where my skin doesn’t absorb as much UV rays as it reflects XD But that’s okay, it’ll fade in a bit.

It’s formal night at that fancy restaurant tonight. We checked the menu, they don’t have my delicious potato soup tonight ;_; Urgh, and I’m stuck wearing a freaking dress because it’s *shivers* FORMAL NIGHT. I loathe wearing dresses, they make me feel ridiculous and if I want to chase someone for teasing me for wearing a dress (I’m the kind of person who wears sweat pants and a T-shirt or something, I never wear jeans, don’t like the texture of denim O.o), I can’t chase after them because I’m stuck wearing goofy shoes and a frickin’ dress. Ah well, at least I’m not stuck doing something ridiculous to my hair too. I wish they had my potato soup.

The captain came on the intercom and informed us we were running 30 minutes behind schedule. And some doofus people who didn’t make it back on the boat were being taken on by the pilot boat (this boat that comes with us as we get out of the harbour), and technically encouraged us to go see because he told us they were on the port side. I got some pictures of the landscape, a few videos of the boat (didn’t have a good view of the people boarding though), then we were gonna head up to the bow. I was cold, so I went to get my sweater. As I headed back to where I thought everyone had gone, I realized I had no clue how to get up to the bow. I went up to the sky deck instead, by then I couldn’t see any of my family down on the bow… took some more pictures, then I tried desperately to find some way down to the bow. No use.

I came back to the cabin thinking maybe mom would be here waiting for me. Nope. Decided I need to reformat my SD card because the stupid thing isn’t letting me delete pictures anymore, so I’m sorting all 700-odd pictures into folders on my comp before I make it go boom.

… My SD card has officially become sentient. The thing magically became write-protected, and now even when I flip the funky little switch-thingie to turn it off… it doesn’t. There’s probably some dust or something stuck in there, but I’m kind of afraid of trying to crack it open, but I can’t reformat it until I take away its sentience >.< (Yet I could delete everything using the camera O.o)

Dinner was delicious, but torturous. Being one of those girls that never wears skirts or short shorts (heck, I almost never wear shorts either, and if I do they’re basketball shorts), dresses are hell for me. I was so cold throughout all of dinner, my legs were cold, my collarbone area was cold because neither my stupid dress nor my stupid sweater covered that, and my sandals kinda cut the circulation in my pinkie toe. Even though I was kinda sad that they didn’t have my delicious soup, I had yummy chicken and carrots. And the best part is…


I’ve never mentioned this to anyone here, but I abhor broccoli. I loooaaaathe it. But today, I ate it. And it was good.

I also had my first soufflé ever today. It tasted like a cake with extra air. But I liked it. Ooh, and we had our good stern-view seats again this evening, and there were seagulls and cormorants following the ship…

I think I’ll leave a note with housekeeping asking them if the next towel-animal can be a ninja-monkey. These people are really good at making towel animals, and I kinda recognize them from this guide I saw somewhere on how to make towel animals, and I bookmarked it, but I can’t pull it up because I kind of don’t have internet yet.

Dad said we should bring our laptops when we dock at Halifax tomorrow. Have I ever mentioned that Halifax is my birthplace? I’ve only lived there for a total of 3 or 4 years though. Anyways, my godparents live in Halifax, so we’ll get to visit them tomorrow, which is cool, because I haven’t seen them in years.

The pathetic excuse for a teen hangout here had some lame stuff planned for tonight and tomorrow night, and no other interesting stuff was going on, so my family holed up in our rooms for the evening. I played around with sprites, then played some good ol’ System Shock 2 (only because my laptop can’t run Bioshock 2 ;_;), then played with Photoshop for a bit.

Then slept.

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