Adventures on the Maasdam: Day 3

(Another part of my cruise story ;D I’m being really vague when referring to my family just in case some stranger stumbles upon these…)

Today’s towel animal: Scorpion (my silly mother thinks it’s a lobster… really, lobster? They don’t have tails like that XD)

Internet. Want. Internet. Z is a funny letter. Zzzzzz-

Okay, just kidding XD Anyways, lost an hour of sleep last night because Nova Scotia’s in that -4 time zone, whatever it’s called. We’re gonna spend a lot of time off the ship today since we’re in Halifax, the town of my birth and near an area where my parents used to be a lot before I came along. My godmother’s coming up too since she lives a 20-minute drive away from the dock.

We went to the buffet again for breakfast. I had pancakes, bacon and hashbrowns. I’m starting to think I should only pick 2 things for breakfast because I always feel too full to ever finish.

They don’t have maple syrup here. As a Canadian, I’ve always, ALWAYS had only maple syrup on my pancakes. Corn syrup tasted so wrong >.<

After breakfast, we grabbed some stuff for the day (laptops included :D) and made our way off the ship at 9-ish. Little did I know that hauling around my laptop, my purse, my sweater and a jacket in my backpack would prove insanely painful for my back, I’m gonna be so sore in the morning D:

So my godmother made it like 5 minutes after we got off the boat, and the adults started conversing and catching up and stuff as we walked along the pier. My dad pointed out this small island across the water with a lighthouse on it and said “That’s Prince Edward Island!” I lul’d. Come to think of it, I think we’ll be stopping in Charlottetown on Wednesday…

We walked. We looked at stuff. My parents and godmother reminisced stuff. We walked some more. We walked through the Halifax Citadel or whatever that big fort-place was called… lots of walking.  We walked through the Public Gardens, which were actually kind of pretty… except for the ponds, which were literally half-filled with algae :S There was actually a few fish in one of them, no clue how those little guys survive XD

The flowers at the Gardens were pretty. There were lots of pigeons and starlings around there too. It was funny, at one point we stopped to sit down and take a break, right. As soon as we did, 3 starlings and a pigeon darted towards us and started walking around/stalking us. The starlings gave up after a bit but the pigeon was pretty persistent. Silly thing didn’t take a hint when my dad said “I got nothing for ya.”

We walked down to this pub my dad used to go to with a friend because according to him, they had good burgers. I ordered chicken fingers because I haven’t had those things in ages. The burger platter was only $6 CAD and came with 2 massive burgers and a big helping of fries. Kind of scared me how the price was that low XD

We walked some more. And walked. My salvation arrived when we came across a Second Cup… WITH FREE WIFI. At long last, I finally had contact with the outside world… for a whole 30 minutes. I’ve resigned to fix up that banner request that I goofed up a little (left, right… bah, if it were up to me, it’d be law that all FCs should go on the right XD), and I wanna get back to playing with Photoshop because I was having fun making funky backgrounds with layer effects last night.

We got back at 4 PM-ish, we’re all pretty tired from all that walking. I’m tempted to take a nap. Instead I ended up doing some more work on those weather guides I’ve been neglecting to do…

Dinner was great, as usual. Think that fancy restaurant is where we’ll end up every night, the portions are reasonable and everything tastes great. Tonight I had this barley-turkey-spinach-and-something-else soup and some kind of pot roast steak… God, that stuff tasted like heaven. For dessert, I had this chocolate bread pudding with some stuff called “compote” in it, and it felt and tasted like slime or something… so I just ate the bread part 😀

There were some people sitting behind us that were being insanely rude. I mean, it takes us like 45 minutes to get all our food and stuff, but I understand because they have over 150 mouths to feed there, and the a-holes were complaining just because it was taking the waiter a while to get this kid his chocolate milk… My mom pointed out that one of the people commented to a waiter (as we were leaving) “Could we order breakfast here now? Then at least it’d be able to arrive on time in the morning.” A-holes. They had thick Bostonian accents too… why is it that 85% of my encounters with Americans result in me thinking less of them? Makes me feel bad when I meet a nice American because I’ve encountered so many bad apples ;_;

We holed back up in our rooms, then brother #1 came knocking at our door because he wanted to watch TV in his room, but brother #2 has a cold and wanted to sleep. But when he came into our room, he was all “But I wanna watch TV from my bed.” So he and I went to watch Iron Man 2 in the movie theatre… I left about an hour in. I had trouble finding any value in wasting my time watching that movie because of all the ridiculously stupid Hollywood glamour, the screen was shaking because the ship constantly is, the sound system wasn’t loud enough, and the old people didn’t know how to whisper. I didn’t even see Iron Man so I really couldn’t care less about the sequel anyways.

So I came back to the room, took a shower, came back to finish up my Photoshop project… and the freaking thing crashed while I was saving it. I boot up Photoshop again… my project was gone ;_; Good thing I remembered what I did considering I made it all up on the spot anyways XD

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