Adventures on the Maasdam: Day 4

(Another part of my cruise story ;D I’m being really vague when referring to my family just in case some stranger stumbles upon these…)

Today’s towel animal: TURKEYTURKEYTURKEY 😀 Well, it was technically only one turkey XD

Got a few more hours of sleep last night, since we’re only in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and there’s not much to look forward to anyways. Mom and I had breakfast at the fancy restaurant. I had this omelette made of THREE eggs, and got bacon and sausage on the inside. It came with a hashbrown and 2 slices of toast. Mom ordered some funky-looking Belgian waffles that came with more of this compote stuff. We learned from that that compote is this yummy fruit syrup, not the funky slime at the bottom of the bread pudding XD In that case: I LOVE COMPOTE.

After breakfast, mom went looking for the boys (they didn’t answer the door when we’d knocked before breakfast and didn’t answer the phone when we called after), and I took a 20-minute nap in our room. When everyone had reassembled, we set off for Sydney.

There really isn’t much in Sydney. We spent the first hour wandering around looking for this car rental place so we could rent a car and drive down to this mining museum (which I’m pretty sure is the only real attraction in this whole town XD). Then we drove down. We went through the museum.

Our tour didn’t start for another 45 minutes, but there was a movie about the history of mining on conveniently in 5 minutes that ended 5 minutes before the tour, so we saw that. It was mostly just old people talking and really, most of it became babbling to me after a while. I dozed off, I played on my iPod, I got poked… good thing there weren’t too many people seeing that movie.

Our tour was actually pretty cool. All the guides at the museum were retired coal miners so they had a bunch of stories and knew exactly what everything was for. The museum actually had a short tunnel carved right into a coal deposit, so it looked pretty legit. But it was gross and short so my back was killing me when we got out. It didn’t help that I’d been lugging my laptop around. But our tour guy was funny; he kept calling this little 5 year-old kid his little buddy and encouraged the kids to pose for pictures with the mining equipment and stuff.

After the mining museum, we drove back to the port, where there’s supposed to be free Wifi. It was a lie. I sat around waiting for a connection for like a half hour, and I bet that stupid router isn’t even connected to the internet, but that doesn’t explain why there are people accessing their e-mail and stuff… >.<

As usual, dinner rocked. You’re probably tired of hearing me say it, but I’m not tired of saying it 😀 (And yes, I didn’t have lunch today, I was too full from breakfast XD) So, today I had chicken noodle soup (the noodles were funky and easy to slurp) and for the main course, Oriental-style duck with vegetables and fried egg noodles covered in this citrus-y stuff. I’ve never had duck before.

I love duck.

I like it more than chicken, actually. It’s got a chicken-y taste, but turkey-ish texture, and I don’t like chicken’s texture sometimes, so duck was awesome for me. And dessert… oh God, I’ve never had a better dessert in my life.

The first item on the dessert menu was something called a “Chocolate Avalanche.” The four of us left at the table all ordered it, and our awesome waiter asked if we wanted ice cream on the side, we all said yes. Hoo man, I’ll try to capture the deliciousness of the Chocolate Avalanche with as much detail as possible, but man, it was just so heavenly…

So the biggest thing on the plate was where the dessert’s namesake came from, a big piece of chocolate cake, and the top of it was chopped up a bit so when you poked it with your spoon, a chunk would fall off. Surrounding the cake was some yummy berry compote. There was a gracious dab of whipped cream off to the side, garnished with a mint leaf. Hiding behind the cake was a big (half-melted XD) scoop of ice cream. And under the ice cream was a zigzag of really good chocolate sauce. Oh man, if you put all that stuff together in your mouth, it’s like this insanely delicious smorgasbord of sweetness… *drools*

Mom and I got back to our room, and our turkey towel was waiting there for us on the bed. Mom took a few pictures of me and the turkey (and said she was gonna make the title “2 turkeys” or something when she posted them on Facebook XD), then went up to the Sports Deck to play tennis with the bros.

As I was sitting around writing up today, mom burst into the room saying there were dolphins off the port side of the ship. So I’m like “zOMG” and rushed up. It took about 15 minutes, but eventually the dolphins showed up again. I got a video and a crappy picture, but hey, I’ve got my memories too 😉 I got a few pretty pictures of the sunset too, it’s only the second sunset I’ve actually had patience enough to watch and remember XD

I went to that stupid teen club again. Tonight actually sounded kinda interesting because there was fondue and DDR and Guitar Hero promised. It sucked again. First 20 minutes were spent doing a chocolate quiz, then we got some not-warm fondue, then they broke out the Wii stuff. There was Mario Kart and Guitar Hero: World Tour set up. It had the potential to be fun. But there were so many problems… 1, the drums were messed up: bass pedal was broken, as was one of the cymbals. 2, not enough batteries in the Wii remotes. 3, the guitar was a trap, the stupid strap was really stretched so if you weren’t careful putting it on, it’d snap off (the less-cool councillor there thought I’d dropped it on purpose >.> Hopefully she heard me say that the strap snapped, I held up the guitar to prove it :S). 4, no one wanted to play after 15 minutes. Thankfully, there was one female there who was cool, the not-less-cool councillor was a gamer girl too. She claimed to have an Xbox up in her cabin with CoD, GH3, RB and some other stuff, and we found out we were pretty similar people after a few rounds of GH:WT. Then she had to leave for some speech-thing. Then my stupid brother ditched me without a word.

I decided to leave too, since I wasn’t particularly interested in the conversation the girls were having (the guys all left for some reason), I felt kind of alienated when I realized that I have a harder time getting to know girls than guys… :S Anyways, I went back to my cabin because I remembered tonight was gonna be a perfect night to take a picture of the sky… aaaand I realized my mom probably forgot she had the camera in her purse when she and dad left for some thing going on for adults only. So I went out to the Sky Deck on my own and stared at the stars… it really is a beautiful, perfect night. There isn’t a cloud in sight, we’re nowhere near any major cities so there’s no light pollution, and the moon’s full. God, I need that stupid camera.

At least I don’t have to pretend to look forward to that teen club tomorrow when we get to Charlottetown… seriously, this is the plan: spending time learning how to use Windows 7 (yeah, because I totally need to learn how to use an OS that I’ve been using since October XD), Apples to Apples (fun game, but not as fun with strangers), Mad-Libs, then people try to be comedic. I’d rather watch grass grow, it’s a lot easier to pretend it’s funny XD

Dad broke into the room with mom’s key and told me there was a massive amount of desserts up on the Lido Deck. I ran for it. God, that stuff was delicious… but now I definitely won’t be able to sleep tonight O.o

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