Adventures on the Maasdam: Day 6

(Another part of my cruise story ;D I’m being really vague when referring to my family just in case some stranger stumbles upon these…)

Today’s towel animal: a doggie ^.^

I slept in until 10:45-ish this morning, though I did wake up a few times at 8-ish. But maaaan, it felt so good to sleep in…

Mom came back at 10:50-ish and I’d only just gotten dressed. Stuff closed for breakfast at 11, so we ran up to the Lido deck and I got myself some grape juice and a strawberry Danish to stave off my hunger until lunch time. We walked by the fancy restaurant to check the dinner menu, but found out they were serving lunch today, so we decided we’d come back at 12:15-ish for lunch. We went up to the library and checked out a game of Scrabble.

The library was too crowded, so we went out to the 12th deck to play, and then later moved to the Lido restaurant after it got a little rainy. I was falling behind at first since Mom nearly used all her letters to spell “cleared”, but I got a leg ahead when I managed to spell “baton” and “be” with the B on a double letter score and “baton” on a double word score… We were only about halfway through the letters when we decided to give up and head up for lunch; I was leading by 40 points anyways XD

The restaurant was a little crowded, so mom and I ended up sharing a table with a very nice, but veeery talkative couple from Kansas City XD (Mom commented to me that she was actually tired after lunch XD) There was some kind of information session for how we were gonna disembark once we got to Montreal, and mom and I went to check if dad was there, and he was, so left my parents and came back to the cabin 😉

After loafing around on my own for a while, it was dinner time, and it was another stupid formal night. I swear, the more I wear those stupid sandals, the more I end up despising them. It’s a good thing that the food at the fancy restaurant rocks or I’d be dining at the buffet XD

Today I had a sausage and turkey gumbo, which was yummy except for the little bits of scallion in it (not a fish person >.<), but I didn’t taste them if I didn’t chew them 😀 For dinner, I had this veal with some kinda mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and funky vegetables. I was still kinda full from lunch so I didn’t totally finish, but the veal was yummy; even though I don’t like mushrooms, the sauce was actually pretty okay, it tasted kinda like gravy. For dessert, everyone at the table got this thing called “Master Chef Rudi’s Première”, which was this funky cake-ish thing. It was kinda like everything was stored in an upside-down white chocolate bowl (shaped like a chef’s hat with Rudi’s signature XD), and inside was chocolate mousse and some cake. On the side, berries and yummy compote ^.^

I spent the evening spriting while the rest of the fam did… stuff, brothers were hanging out with the teen club people, mom and dad went to a show, and if you’re wondering why I didn’t join my brothers, it’s because I don’t like being with big groups of people :S But I came up with some neat stuff.

When mom got back, she flipped on the TV, and we watched some movie that we missed the first 30 seconds of so we didn’t catch the name, but I did recognize it… a doctor from the WHO and some treasure hunters end up teaming up because the governor of some African country is poisoning an underground river and it’s killing people and stuff… yeah. It was a good movie.

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