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I think I need to go to a zoo.

I had a lot of random, short dreams last night, including one where I was riding a sled with a dog through construction being done on my street, but this one is the one I remember the most vividly:

So I was home alone. In a dream, this obviously can’t go well. I walked over to the kitchen, and I ended up looking out the window…

There was a freaking TIGER in the backyard. Panicking, I ran to the front door, and I looked out the window.

There was a freaking LION in the front. I heard a crash in the kitchen, and then crunching sounds. The tiger had gotten into the house. Panicking even more, I grabbed the phone (lolwhut) and started dialing our home phone number for some reason (double lolwhut).

Then I woke up XD


Dream of 05/08/10

I don’t remember most of this because mom woke me up, and if I’m forced awake most of my dream tends to disappear, but I’ll do my best XD (What’s really, really bugging me now is I know my dream had a moral and I absolutely can’t remember it now…)

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100th post!

To celebrate this milestone, I will… do something. Maybe. I just realized I still haven’t updated my 5-minute cake post with pics, maybe I should do that sometime soon. In the meantime, I will record what I remember from my dream last night, this one was nearly as awesome as the one with the dinosaur and laser pointer XD

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The Dream of the Night of 28/06/10

I’m pretty sure this was two dreams, but since I don’t remember most of the first one, I’m squishing them together.

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I really should stop playing violent FPS games…

… naaaah XD I guess this dream was more nightmare-ish than dream-ish, but it wasn’t really nightmare-ish until the end (I blame System Shock 2). So, basically, my dream last night was a mix of Fallout 3, Borderlands, System Shock 2 and a little bit of The Conduit.

(I just noticed there’s a “More” tag on this so I’m gonna try it out. Let’s see what it does…)

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I had weird soup in my dream

And according to my mom it’s called “egg drop soup” and it’s real and it’s Chinese… XD

There was a lot more to this dream, but unfortunately I didn’t sleep very well last night and got up at 8 AM on a frickin’ Sunday morning (which is not part of Jess’ routine- EVER XD) so I don’t remember anything but the soup part, which was at the end because I remember waking up thinking it was almost 8 AM just to have a nightmare about getting up late.

Aaaanyways, my soup dream:

I was in a small, gray room with a table in the middle, and I was sitting at the table. There were also 3 other people there, and we were all playing cards (don’t remember which game, probably poker). Suddenly, my brother Ben walks in and gives us all this soup: it’s just chicken broth with eggs, two whole eggs, in it. So I guess the eggs must’ve boiled in the soup because they were semi-boiled when I cracked them open… unfortunately I woke up before I could eat the soup.

You know, yesterday’s dream of mine sort of indirectly and obscurely tied in to an event that happened, maybe today I’ll have soup or something. XD

Last Night’s Dream 17/05/10

Whoot, second official dream post XD See, I’m writing it down right away so the details aren’t sketchy~

For some reason I was chasing after the Death Note characters. I don’t know explicitly why, but I remember being undercover, since I was a child detective they’d never figure out it was me after them.

So, there was some kind of epic drama production going on or something, and I was helping paint the set, when I suddenly saw a bunch of people sneaking backstage. Curious, I followed them, and found out they were preparing a rocket to Mars for L and his clone (yeah, for some reason either L had a clone or I was seeing double…)

Seeing this as my chance, I waited until that night to go after L and clone. Unfortunately, when I got to the rocket, I was a split second too late. I tried to leap in the rocket but I only managed to get my hand stuck inside (which was surprisingly less painful than expected XD). After a while of dangling from my arm, stuck to the rocket, I became unconscious.

When I woke up, I was on Mars, which was freakishly similar to Earth except there were a lot less houses and the sky looked sort of bare, since you could stare right at a whole bunch of other planets. I decided to sneak into the nearest house to see what’s up.

I was in a house that looked exactly the same as my real one. Except the basement had a sign on it that said “do not enter.” Well, since I was sneaking in and didn’t want to be noticed, I darted into the basement. I don’t really get why it was not meant to be entered, it was just filled with Nerf guns of all shapes and sizes.

From what I’d noticed in terms of who was living there, there was a father, two kids and groundskeeper guy. For some reason the two kids suddenly came down to the basement. Unfortunately I had no time to hide, but I did the coolest thing ever:

I USED LELOUCH’S GEASS. I felt special. I stared them right in the eye and said “There’s nothing wrong down here. Go back upstairs.” There wasn’t a “yes my lord” but it was still pretty cool.

Afterwards, the groundskeeper guy went down. I tried to use Geass on him again but he was too fast, and got the dad to come down. Panicking, I ran to what would have been my dad’s workroom and started loading a Nerf shotgun-style thing. As the dad rounded the corner to get into the room, we shot each other at the same time… he was carrying a Nerf gun too.

After he shouted “You’re dead!” I yelled “You only got me in the leg! I got you in the chest, so you’re dead!” We laughed it off, started discussing 007: Nightfire, then he took me to downtown Mars. (In retrospect, I really don’t get why that man was totally fine with having me around, this complete stranger who broke into his basement, hypnotized his kids and shot him with a Nerf gun…)

I think this part of the dream got inspired by the Holocaust. Humans on Mars were to the Jews, as the indigenous Martians were to Nazis. I saw a lot of humans getting treated badly by Na- er, Martian shopkeepers, bus drivers… heck, pedestrian Martians gave me dirty looks as I walked by. Suddenly I realized my mission here was no longer to catch L and his clone, I had to save the Martian humans…

Then I woke up. The End XD