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I was looking up Super Junior remixes when I stumbled across this…

Personally, I think Shindong owned it XD


SQUEEEEEE :3 updated 06/09

Okay, creepy little brothers aside, I struck gold on the internet today.

So, a while ago, I posted that I wanted more cutesy boybands after F.Cuz’s transformation. I was browsing around allkpop today because I was looking for the tracklist for Secret’s latest single, Madonna (pretty good song, sounds a lot like Magic though >.<). This one article with a picture of a boyband I didn’t recognize caught my attention…

Well, lo and behold, someone out there heard my plea 😀

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Nine Muses… no >.>

I meant to post this ages ago, so now I’m wrote it on my laptop while we got lost trying to find our way to Boston.

So, I expressed how excited I was about Nine Muses a few posts ago… I loved Give Me. It is/was such a well-orchestrated song. And I still think it is, I really need to stop neglecting to download it… Well, a few nights ago I was listening to my music on my iPod when I realized I never downloaded that song. With my laptop out of reach with the 10 PM rule and all that, I searched “Nine Muses” on Youtube… Lo and behold, the Muses had finally made their official debut with a song called “No Playboy”, so I checked it out.

All I have to say is: Nine Muses is a very, very wrong name for the group. It’s really should be: A Decent Singer, a Rapper and a Bunch of Models.

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K-pop girl groups: in MAJOR need of weeding

There have been a ridiculously large amount of group debuts between 2009 and now that it’s almost dizzying trying to count them all. For the heck of it (since I haven’t been writing much outside of ranting XD), I’ve decided to go through the groups that have debuted from 2009-present day and sort them into three categories: the great, the good-but-needs-a-little-something-something and the meh. For this I’m gonna go throw some more obscure groups in since we all know enough about groups like 2NE1, Secret, 4minute, f(x) and T-ara.

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Geez, was I in a box the last few weeks?

I had the sudden incentive today to look up a live version of 4minute’s “HuH” on Youtube. I’m not really sure why I didn’t do this before, but HOLY CRAP. I thought they’d traded off their youngest member for a rapper… but she is a rapper now.

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Why did it take me 3 years to hear this?

I know Super Freak. And I know U Can’t Touch This. Why did I not see that U Can’t Touch This uses the instrumentals from Super Freak?

Oh, for those who aren’t familiar with these older songs (though I’m pretty sure everyone knows U Can’t Touch This), Super Freak is a song by this guy called Rick James. I first heard it on Saturday Night Live, and… actually, there’s an interesting story behind this song.

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German pop, anyone?

Been checking out some German pop groups lately, not really sure what my motivation was…

BUT DAAAANG, these people sound so J-pop-y! Well, maybe this is just the standard for German pop groups, but aaagh, that silly voice in my head keeps saying “Hi J-pop!”

Anyone heard the song “Butterfly” by Well,’s a Swedish group, but they got a lot of attention in Japan due to their J-pop-y sound, to the point that Konami licensed Butterfly for DDR.’s since been recording their songs for a Japanese audience, with songs such as “Domo Domo Domo,” “Doki Doki” and “A Geisha’s Dream” (DDR players will recognize that one).

Anyways, the reason I brought up Butterfly is because this German group called Cherona got my attention with this song, similar in title and sound to Butterfly:

This one makes me think of Shinee’s Ring Ding Dong:

This one makes me think of J-pop in general, maybe a little Berryz Kobo…