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Random Review: Uh…

I honestly can’t think of what to review this week since I spent most of the week at art camp. I could review that, but I’d just end up giving it 5 bottles of awesomesauce no matter what. If I wasn’t at camp, then I was at home cleaning up the mess caused by our silly flooded basement. Funny story, actually.

See, for some reason some valve in the toilet downstairs is supposed to shut off when the tank gets filled up with too much water, right? Well, that, combined with something else which I will not mention since I don’t think people wanna hear about that part, caused the toilet to flood (with, thankfully, clean water), and since it took a while before someone went downstairs and saw it, about 75% of our basement floor ended up covered in water. Now, if we had a normal basement with just the plain, cold, stone floor, there wouldn’t be much to do aside from mopping, but we have these alphabet foam tiles all over the floor, and when they get wet, they risk growing mildew, so we had to take them all out and dry them…

Anyways… what was I talking about? XD I don’t really know what I feel like reviewing anyways. I’m not in the mood for reviewing, I’m in the mood for ranting about my horrible, horrible luck. But I probably shouldn’t do that because it’s a bigger waste of time than this whole post has been. I need to get back to my gambling-without-risks now, I’m more than halfway towards my goal 😛


Saturday Review: D’Arcy McGee’s

This is a modest little Irish pub hidden behind a few stores on Centrum. We stopped by there for the first time on Mother’s Day since my mom was intrigued, but she said if there wasn’t anything that appealed to the kids *cough* which didn’t include me *cough*, we’d go to East Side Mario’s. Thankfully, there were menus posted on the outside, so when we saw stuff everyone would like, we went in.

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Random Review of the Week: Campbell’s (Instant) Hearty Noodles

(Don’t worry, I won’t forget to write the top 7 today XD)

My immediate thoughts: these are the crappiest instant noodles I have ever tasted. Maybe there would be a difference if I used the pour-boiling-water-into-the-cup method instead of the microwaving it. Well, here are reasons why these are the crappiest instant noodles I’ve ever eaten:

  1. The noodles are awful. After cooking, I left them for 3 minutes, they were still dry. I’m leaving them for an additional 5-10 minutes as I type this. They’re still not getting any better. The texture is just so… unnoodley.
  2. What the crap is up with the carrots? I mean, it makes sense to use dehydrated carrots in this since we’re adding water and stuff, but dude, the carrots don’t absorb any water at all. (Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a lie, they have absorbed a little but they feel like the noodles.) So, so far we’ve got crappy, eternally dry-textured noodles and some orange dehydrated crap.
  3. The herbs in this really seem like a last-ditch effort to get some real flavour into this.

Well, they do have some noteworthy qualities: they are easy to make anywhere with a microwave and the herbs do have this nice aftertaste so if you drink water after it tastes kinda like chicken broth.

Jess recommends:

Go buy Mr. Noodles instead. Mr. Noodles dominates the instant noodle industry in Canada for a good reason: they don’t taste like crap, the texture’s right and they’re just as easy to make even if you do have to use the stove top instead of a microwave.

Jess’ verdict: 2 bottles of awesomesauce.

Random Review of the Week:

All I have to say is: WHY DIDN’T I FIND THIS GUY SOONER?!

This guy’s K-pop remixes are nothing short of satisfying for anyone remotely interested in K-pop. I stumbled upon his “Girl Power” mix (combination of11 songs by 9 artists) and thought “DUUUUUDE.” I was kind of at a loss for any words besides that so I clicked the link to download it. You too can be exposed to the awesomeness here.

So I’ve been to Masa’s site, and so far I’ve liked… well, pretty much everything. I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this guy’s remixes. They’re smooth, they work, and the overall quality of everything is just awesome. I find it so cool how this guy takes popular English and Korean songs, combines them, and manages to increase their appeal exponentially.

If I were to make a very I.B. metaphor of this: it’s like taking x and multiplying it by y, but y has the same value as x, so in the end you get x squared.

Jess recommends:

I Won’t Say I’m Your Girlfriend – SNSD Remix with “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” video from Hercules. I Won’t Say I’m In Love was one of my favourite songs from when I was in kindergarten and I still remember most of the lyrics and I still love it. I really like how Girlfriend actually fits this.

Sorry, Smells like Easy Ding Dong – U-KISS, SHINee, Super Junior and Nirvana. The title made me laugh, but the song left me gaping in amazement. Mixing the anthem of grunge with 3 of the catchiest K-pop hits? Dude, this WORKS.

Smooth Criminal is Coming – Rain and Michael Jackson. King of Pop + King of K-pop = King of Pop squared times K? XD

Lolliphone – Big Bang and Lady GaGa. Usually I’m not a fan of Big Bang and the original Lollipop honestly scares me, but this works for me 😛

Jess’ verdict: 5 bottles of Awesomesauce.

On a random and completely unrelated note: beer and cake don’t go together very well.