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Top 7!

I put this off too long to do my “Things with Green” theme so it’s a normal top 7 this week XD

  1. Jeez – B2Y. God, I love B2Y’s sound, so ABBA-esque without being ABBA.
  2. Crazily Pretty – DNT (Dragon ‘n’ Tiger). Found these guys in the Related Videos for #1 XD Either way, this is pretty funky… as the person who posted the video said: They kinda remind me of 2NE1 😛
  3. Chocolate Love – SNSD. I really preferred the f(x) version of this song, but the SNSD version has kind of grown on me…
  4. Me – Super Junior-M. God, I love their beautiful smiles, and I love this happy song 😀
  5. Break It – Namie Amuro. The MV to this kinda creeps me out, and I have no clue who this person is, but I like how this song has a vaguely K-pop-ish feel to it.
  6. How – Sori. I just noticed Sori released more than just Real Lips, so I checked out how other tracks, and I’m actually really liking her sound for some reason. It’s cutesy in an SNSD-ish way, but Sori’s got her own strange charm, which is kinda proven by this song after you get through the chorus for the first time XD
  7. BONAMANA (live acoustic remix) – Super Junior. Saved best for last, because this is just funky 😀 Really helped me appreciate as Bonamana as its own song and not some watered-down Sorry Sorry ❤

Sunday Top 7

Idiot siblings aside, the show must go on, right? 😉 Thankfully there’s been some pretty good new material out lately, so I’ve got some pretty good stuff to list ^.^

  1. Lucifer – SHINee. I was so afraid SHINee would never be able to top the awesomeness that is “Ring Ding Dong”… well, now I don’t have to worry, because they did XD Though I really, really don’t like Key’s hair, why did they shave off so much of his beautiful hair? ;.; There’s something neat about this song too. But you’re not allowed to find out what that is until you listen to the song at least once.
  2. Go Go Sing – Black Pearl. Apparently this 4-girl group had been on hiatus for the last three years, but hey, it’s great that they’re back even if I had no clue who they are. I like how they have a happy SNSD-esque sound and their voices don’t even need as much processing.
  3. “O”-Jung.Ban.Hap. – DBSK. Surprised I keep forgetting to put this song up, I listen to it almost as much as Love in the Ice and Mirotic and yet I’ve neglected to mention this little gem… By the way, the MV’s the Japanese version, I can’t find an authorized Korean version x.x The beginning kinda made me think of a Jay Chou MV… and Mickey looks like Jack Sparrow! XD
  4. Clap Clap – Teen Top. Honestly, these guys scared me at first. Marketing themselves as a “sensitive” boy band, and in one video I’d seen one of the boys looked like an Asian Justin Bieber. But, I gotta give them credit, for people our age they don’t suck at all. Was reading through the comments on the video, thankfully I’m not the only one who hears “crab” every time they say “clap” XD
  5. U – Super Junior-M. (Yeah, replaced the old #5, decided I don’t like it after all.) I really, really liked U, and I really^3 like the Chinese version. They changed some of the instrumentals around, which is great, because I like that more acoustic sound; obviously they changed the lyrics, which is cool, because Chinese is really starting to grow on me; and they added a Henry solo, which is epic, because Henry Lau rocks (and that’s totally not my Canadian bias speaking) 😀
  6. A Little Bit of Good – CSJH The Grace. God, I hope these girls pull out of their hiatus soon, their voices have such incredible synergy and power… if this song doesn’t justify that, then I don’t know what does. There’s no way you can deny that this song isn’t incredible and touching. I love how The Grace can sound so awesome without all the blatant processing you see all over K-pop today. I need them baaack ;.;
  7. Poison – Brown-Eyed Girls. Since B.E.G.’s planning to re-release a few of their songs in Japan eventually (and I must say, the Abracadabra teaser sounds awesome :D), I decided to investigate some of their other stuff. I guess you could say B.E.G.’s my substitute The Grace, outside of the rapping and processing, their vocals sound pretty similar in this song.

And here’s a random link to a cover of Wonder Girls’ “2 Different Tears” by Jiyoon and Gayoon from 4minute. I think they nailed it, even if their English isn’t as good XD

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Top 7+1: Folk Week!

I’ve decided I’m looking at Asian pop too much, so I need to extend my horizons, so every third or maybe second week is gonna be themed with some… thing. I think next theme will be anything with the word “green” in the title just to see what comes up XD Anyways, for this week I decided to look for folk and traditional-style stuff. Continue reading

Top 7+1

My internet decided to be mean again and cut out at 7 PM-ish last night. I got bored of waiting for it to come back on, so I went to sleep… BEFORE 11 PM. DUN DUN DUUUUN. Aaaanyways, I’m feeling a little tired from getting up early and my allergies being ravaged at art camp so I’m too lazy to check to see if I’ve ever previously posted any of these… Cheese. That rhymes.

Yeah, I’m tired XD

  1. Monster – Arashi. Excuse me while I go get a mop to get my drool off the floor. If you’re a fan of Truth, you’ll definitely like Monster. Sorry, let me rephrase that: if you’re a fan of anything at all, you’re not allowed to dislike this song.
  2. Wonderful World!! – Kanjani8. I. LOVE. KANJANI8. This song should be prescribed as a medication to suicidal people, it’s just so ridiculous and uplifting (take Kyu Jo Show’s energy and put it to the power of 11). It’s bands like Kanjani8 that are the reason I will remain faithful to J-pop when K-pop fails me.
  3. Love – C.N. Blue. Continuing with the happy-peppy feeling of things comes the great C.N. Blue. It’s like, take I’m A Loner and give it happy lyrics.
  4. To Be Free – Arashi. This is 7+1, I’m allowed to have a duplicate band XD Anyways, the song: it’s inspirational. It really is. Nothing less I’d expect from Arashi. It’s kinda… take Believe and slow it down from dance speed to inspirational-credits-at-the-end-of-a-movie slow. The instruments are similar, not sure about the lyrics, too lazy to check, and the music video is pretty beautiful too.
  5. Magic Girl – Orange Caramel. This song is SO FRICKIN’ OBNOXIOUSLY CUTE, and it’s growing on me, like Bob the tree growing out of Harold’s head. Except this won’t eventually grow big enough to take root, resulting in me being unable to move and all that other bad stuff that happened to Harold. But then again, he got worshiped as some kinda tree god…
  6. Stumble Stumble – D-NA. Mah boyz are back ❤ While I admit the autotune kind of really turned me off to this at first, it still is all-in-all a pretty good song.
  7. 2 Different Tears – Wondergirls. They released this ages ago and somehow I managed to put off listening to it for so long… the English version sucks, but I love the Korean and Chinese versions. I’m pretty sure I already posted this once but I’m too tired to remember XD Whatever, it’s in three languages,
  8. Bbi-Ri-Bop-A – Narsha. Best for last 😉 I posted a link to the teaser video of this in an earlier post, the full version came out recently. I LOVE this song; it’s got such an ethereal, dream-y feel… the MV really adds to it as well. Though the cliff and forest scenes reminded me of Twilight which sort of annoyed me.

… my CPU fan’s really loud. My laptop doesn’t even feel that hot…

Ballad-Themed Top 7

Yeah, I decided I’d try going for a theme this week, so I’m forcing myself to endure some ballads for the sake of… wait, why am I doing this? XD

  1. Love in the Ice – DBSK. I don’t know why I left this undownloaded, then unlistened-to for so friggin’ long O.O It’s… well, I can’t find any word that could possibly capture the beauty and perfection of this song. DBSK’s vocals sound so beautifully perfect in this… did I mention this song is beautiful and perfect? God, I love Hero’s voice… *wipes tear off cheek*
  2. Boy Meets Girl – FT Island. It’s an FT Island song, therefore it must be awesome, and it is. The translated lyrics are so beautiful too.
  3. I Will Forget You/Teardrops in the Rain – C.N. Blue. Well, it has taken me… a month? Whatever, I finally found the Korean version of TitR and I love it just as much ❤
  4. Saying I Love You – Wondergirls. Listening to the intro of 2 Different Tears made me long for some of the good old stuff, so I dug around my iTunes and remembered how awesome this ballad was. They should’ve promoted it more, it’s so deep… not to mention it was written by one of their members. Props to Ye-eun 😀
  5. Fixed Star – Infinite. This was the song that immediately blew me away when Infinite released their EP, so if you’re going to try to get someone into Infinite, use this song. Even though this song sounds suspiciously similar to #6, I’ve gotta confess, they’re really starting to grow on me.
  6. Once in a Lifetime – Shinhwa. It’s too bad Shinhwa’s still not around, they really do have wonderful vocals together :/
  7. Why I Like You – Super Junior. Okay, maybe it’s not as ballad-y, but what do you expect, this is SuJu XD

Honourable mention goes to C.N. Blue’s “Black Flower,” since it’s not a ballad I couldn’t add it to the list 😦 But it’s an awesome song so I gotta sneak it in somehow XD

Top 7+1 (RARGH)

I had a feeling of dread when I was coming home, that feeling you get when you have homework… Then I remembered my forgotten homework was actually fun XD

  1. Wealthy 2nd Generation – Ajoo. This guy’s name might be a tad silly, but the song definitely isn’t 😛 (Oh, and I’m not linking to the MV or just an audio video because the women in the MV don’t have enough clothes on and in the audio video, the picture of Ajoo had too much underwear showing >.> Even if he’s pretty frickin’ hot without a shirt on, that’s still no excuse to have your pants falling down as well… *awkwardface*)
  2. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Lee Hyori. I admit, I wasn’t really a fan of HyoLee’s, but this song kinda grew on me… Kekeke, and it looks like she has an army of clothed Lady GaGa’s behind her in the vid XD
  3. Lupin – KARA. Another band I wasn’t a fan of, I found KARA’s style too cutesy, but as with all popular girl groups nowadays, they’re trying to make a more “mature” image for themselves. Jess approves.
  4. Real Lips – (Kim) Sori. I don’t know who this Sori gal is or where the heck she comes from (whoever says “Korea, duh”: take our left hand and hold it out in front of you. Take your right hand, put it on top of your left hand, bring it up, then down really quickly.), but she’s not half-bad.
  5. Uso (Lies) – Sid. Random Japanese band, can’t remember how I found them, but that’s a minor detail, I like their sound.
  6. One Night Stand – Exit This Side. I kept hearing this song on BOB FM and kept neglecting to download it until a few nights ago. This song is so catchy and I just love the lines “You gotta let me go, ’cause I’m in love with rock ‘n’ roll.” Oh, did I mention they’re from Vancouver? Yeah Canada 😀
  7. Koi no Abo – NEWS. (Sorry, can’t find an audio version, all the results besides this one were crappy covers >.> Okay, maybe that’s a bit mean considering I didn’t watch any of them, they were just annoying me since I couldn’t find an audio video because of them cluttering the search results…) It’s NEWS. They rule. Watch the movie.
  8. Love Ya – SS501. DUUUUUDE. Gimme a minute to wipe my drool my drool off from my face and pick my jaw up off the floor. I think that sums it up XD

Top 7… a day late

Geez, I was right last week when I said I should work out a schedule for these O.o Aaanyways, since I did 7 last week when there were 6 days, I’ll only do 7 this week since it adds up and stuff:

  1. Nowhere – Yuki Kajiura. (<- That’s the live version, it still rocks :D) This song is pretty frickin’ awesome. Then again, most anime themes are, but this one’s special. I’d like to capture in words how awesome the dueling vocals in the chorus are but I don’t think I’d be doing the song any justice, so listen to it.
  2. I Wanna be a Rockstar – Lee Seung-Hwan featuring a bunch of people whose names I can’t romanize. I can’t believe Lee Seung-Hwan’s 44 years old, he sounds so much younger O.o
  3. HuH – 4minute. Dreams do Come True (that’s a reference to the title of a 4minute song that I liked the style of, thank God they sort of pushed away from the overload of of autotune, you can almost hear HyunA’s voice now XD), I like the pep and message in this song.
    … I might’ve spoken too soon with the autotune thing, I just listened to “I My Me Mine”… it almost sounds bad there’s so much autotune. How the heck are they gonna perform this live? And “Bababa” sounds exactly like Won’t Give from the last mini-album, Highlight’s got just as much autotune as I My Me Mine, the only song where you hear some discernible talent is the final track and only ballad, Cool and Natural. Seriously ladies, when a group debuts they have an excuse to use autotune to come up with some annoyingly catchy song, but come on, we need to see some real vocal talent after 3 singles and a mini-album.
  4. Dunk Shoot – Jo Kwon & Whale. This was a Lee Seung-Hwan single originally, he asked Jo Kwon of 2AM and Whale of W & Whale to cover the song. I don’t understand what they’re saying most of the time and thankfully a fair amount of the chorus is gibberish anyways XD
  5. Come Back – Infinite. I keep forgetting how this song goes but I like it all the same.
  6. Four Chord Song – Axis of Awesome. Credits to MK for showing me this, I’m gonna laugh and think “I’M A BIRDPLANE!” every time I hear Superman now XD
  7. My Luv – X-Cross. Bwehehe, mooooodels… *drools* Needs more shots of those sexy aaaabs… *drools some more* Oh, yeah, they do have vocal talent and rapping talent.

On a random sidenote, I’ve decided I’m gonna do a review of an iPod app every Saturday for the heck of it too. Or maybe a video game every Saturday. I dunno, I’ll work that out eventually XD