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Updated Poem, Top 5 random things

I’m getting too excited for the band trip to New York (WHICH IS IN THREE DAYS, HOLY MOLY), so I’m writing a random post.

I’ve updated the post with that weird clam-jellyfish-poem, you can read it again here.

And for this week, since I don’t feel like waiting another 2 days for a top 7 songs this week, I’m doing a “Top 5 Things for this Week” post to satisfy my need for a top-whatever thing.

So, the Top 5 Things for the week:

1) Fruit: fruit rocks. People should be eating more pineapple and grapefruit.

2) Opposable thumbs: let’s all stop thinking, talking, typing, etc. and take a minute to appreciate our opposable thumbs. Really, think about how hard it would be to pick up a book, play video games, and fire bazookas if we didn’t have thumbs!

3) Latin: nothing like smart-sounding proverbs to make people… sound smart. Notice that the first proverb on Wikiquote is Canada’s motto? 😉 Acta est fabula.

4) Haiku:
Haikus are so cool.
Sometimes I like to write them.
But not all the time.

5) Sweaters: I never really realized how much more secure I feel when I’m wearing my sweater. Not that I don’t have another sweater, because I do, it’s just one of those types that is a pain to put on and take off because it doesn’t zip up, I have to pull it over my head, and that’s not something you really should wear during spring…


This is what happens when crazy people write poems

This is a little something MK and I worked on during science today. It’s either titled “The Little Clam Who Dreamed” or “Attack of the Killer Jellyfish.” We’re not really sure yet.

The little clam had a dream,
And in that dream, there was a gleam,
A gleam of hope for a different sea,
A different sea filled with glee,
And no more jellyfish.

And so the little clam began his quest,
He swam long days with little rest,
To find his dream, he went west,
And passed through many a difficult test
Until he found the sea and made a wish.

He made a wish that was slightly strange,
It didn’t seem like a huge change,
Until he took a look towards land
Where giant jellyfish walked on the sand
Instead of swimming with the fish!

The humans there screamed and ran,
Jellyfish didn’t belong among man!
The jellyfish, armed with stingers and bombs,
Attacked the children, dads and moms
Causing a lot of general anguish.

Chaos ensued in the streets,
Sanity took a back seat,
Not a single person was spared,
Those devious jellyfish would not be scared
Of being put on a dish.

Until, one day, a hero came forward,
Armed with a toy sword, he walked shoreward.
The people were joyful; they would be saved!
The boy’s fear of jellyfish would be braved,
And for sure the jellyfish would perish.

He swung his toy sword with all his might,
Sure that he would put up a good fight,
But from behind, he was struck down
And died without making a sound,
Leaving no hero to fight the jellyfish.

The humans continued to fight, but in vain,
The jellyfish kept coming like unending rain,
Until, in the end, every human lay dead,
The beaches strewn with bodies, sand stained red,
The unequal battle had quickly been finished.

The little clam watched from the sea,
Watched as the last few humans tried to flee,
And when everyone was dead, he swam back home,
Back to the unchanged waters to roam.
He got his wish.

Ode to Shepherd’s Pie

I can’t contain this sudden outburst of poeticness, I must write again. This time about my favorite food on Earth, shepherd’s pie.

Potatoes, corn, beef;
How I love thee, shepherd’s pie,
Thou art so yummy.

Ooh, I should write a series of haikus about food!..

… seriously, should I be checking with an asylum sometime soon? I’m writing love haikus about food O.o

*EDIT* Here’s a third one for the heck of it. This one isn’t an ode to food.

So here’s a story,
I wrote two haikus today,
And now I have three.

Ode to a Creme Egg

Man, I LOVE Cadbury Creme Eggs. I love them so much, I suddenly feel the need to write a haiku to express my love to the chocolate-y bundle of deliciousness I just devoured.

Thy insides be cream,
Thy coating be chocolate,
Thou art delicious.

Look at that, my haiku even sounds Shakespeare-y 😉 Amazing how something like good food can bring out the best poetry in people.
I wanna write a haiku in Japanese. Or Korean.

Speaking of Japanese food… I really want mochi. NOW. I can’t wait another 2 weeks until New York. Wonder if those restaurants in the northern part of the city have mochi… Don’t really wanna walk for a half hour to Minamoto’s to get 6 bits of mochi XD… or do I? O.o