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Reasons why I really shouldn’t be in IB physics.

Been a while since I’ve ranted, it’d be nice to blow off some steam XD But I digress, I’m still pissed at myself for letting Mr Wardle talk me into not dropping.

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Protected: … it really can happen to anyone.

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I’m still not liking Rogers.

They’re reducing bandwidth for “Extreme” customers from 95 GB to 80 GB. That’s a 16% reduction. That’s complete bull. We’re paying for high speed and high bandwidth. 80 GB is not a big number, I could exceed that in 2 days if I wanted to.

God, I’d love it if we changed ISPs. I hate that we’re supporting these money-mongering a-holes. I hate stupid Rogers. I’d say meaner things but the smell of pizza has me in a good mood. I should have a Rant section dedicated to my anti-Rogers rants XD

What the crap is this…

The Swiss gnomes are at it again. They’re really, really starting to piss me off. I mean, it’s summer, at this age we need to get our driver’s licenses/take courses, get jobs, enjoy our possibly last real summer “vacation”… and what are those disgusting gnomes doing?


Yes, IB kids, we have summer homework. ToK crap. We have to go to the National Art Gallery, look at stuff, and write about what emotions it stirs in us and some other crap.

Nope, it’s been like 12 hours since I heard the news from Steph and I still think that’s really stupid. So now I’m going to write a nice long rant as to why I think it’s stupid. And now that I’ve added the more tag, I can swear.

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Random Review: Uh…

I honestly can’t think of what to review this week since I spent most of the week at art camp. I could review that, but I’d just end up giving it 5 bottles of awesomesauce no matter what. If I wasn’t at camp, then I was at home cleaning up the mess caused by our silly flooded basement. Funny story, actually.

See, for some reason some valve in the toilet downstairs is supposed to shut off when the tank gets filled up with too much water, right? Well, that, combined with something else which I will not mention since I don’t think people wanna hear about that part, caused the toilet to flood (with, thankfully, clean water), and since it took a while before someone went downstairs and saw it, about 75% of our basement floor ended up covered in water. Now, if we had a normal basement with just the plain, cold, stone floor, there wouldn’t be much to do aside from mopping, but we have these alphabet foam tiles all over the floor, and when they get wet, they risk growing mildew, so we had to take them all out and dry them…

Anyways… what was I talking about? XD I don’t really know what I feel like reviewing anyways. I’m not in the mood for reviewing, I’m in the mood for ranting about my horrible, horrible luck. But I probably shouldn’t do that because it’s a bigger waste of time than this whole post has been. I need to get back to my gambling-without-risks now, I’m more than halfway towards my goal 😛


Last month, I posted a story about how my family hadn’t been warned at all about when we were gonna exceed our bandwidth limit, right? Well, you should refresh your memory if you forgot.

It’s happened again. This month, we yet again didn’t get a 75% warning. My dad taught me how to check our bandwidth last night, so we checked; guess how much bandwidth we have left for today? 1.1 GB. I mean, at least this time we remembered before we exceeded the limit to check, so we’re not streaming/downloading anything today (well, I downloaded 2 songs last night, but that’s only <20 MB anyways… okay, I just remembered Ted mentioned he was streaming The Simpsons just before he and mom left for some party, I told dad and he’s definitely not happy about that).

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I can’t remember if I’ve pointed out (here) before that I really, really can’t stand Kristen Stewart’s acting in the Twilight Saga. I mean, I haven’t even watched all of Twilight or a minute of New Moon and I just found her so awkward to watch. Then I saw the trailer for “The Runaways” and thought maybe she was mixing up Joan Jett with Bella. I can’t stand her constant twitching, often mumbled speech, constant twitching again…

Then for some reason I saw the Eclipse trailer today and thought “LOL, add this to the list.”

For the sake of peoples’ laziness, I’ve added the video here. If you don’t wanna withstand the trailer, wait for it to load and skip to around 1:04. Watch Bella’s eyes as she says “Edward, you have to trust me.”

Did you see it? You’re not allowed scrolling down until you think you saw something.



I lul’d.