Adventures on the Maasdam: Day 3

(Another part of my cruise story ;D I’m being really vague when referring to my family just in case some stranger stumbles upon these…)

Today’s towel animal: Scorpion (my silly mother thinks it’s a lobster… really, lobster? They don’t have tails like that XD)

Internet. Want. Internet. Z is a funny letter. Zzzzzz-

Okay, just kidding XD Anyways, lost an hour of sleep last night because Nova Scotia’s in that -4 time zone, whatever it’s called. We’re gonna spend a lot of time off the ship today since we’re in Halifax, the town of my birth and near an area where my parents used to be a lot before I came along. My godmother’s coming up too since she lives a 20-minute drive away from the dock.

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Adventures on the Maasdam: Day 2

(Another part of my cruise story ;D I’m being really vague when referring to my family just in case some stranger stumbles upon these…)

Today’s towel animal: Caterpillar! 😀 (Everyone tells me it’s an armadillo… I don’t believe them XD)

Mom woke me up at 8 frickin’ AM. I slept awfully at the Boston hotel for the last few nights so the bags under my eyes still haven’t disappeared… they got a bit better though. My hair’s a curly mess, probably should’ve dried it before going to sleep last night >.<

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Adventures on the Maasdam: Day 1

(Part of my cruise story ;D I’m being really vague when referring to my family just in case some stranger stumbles upon these…)

It was a bit of a hassle getting on to the ship… this thing can hold 1200 people, and thank God they had a system for getting no more than 100 people checking in at a time because if everyone rushed in at once, it would’ve been bananas :S Speaking of bananas, a had more Dunkin Donuts hash browns for breakfast this morning. Starting to miss home-cooked meals…

I was checking the crowd out a lot. My parents already warned us that there weren’t gonna be many kids here. Using my totally computer-like brain, I calculate that 95% of the people on this cruise are old.

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I was looking up Super Junior remixes when I stumbled across this…

Personally, I think Shindong owned it XD

SQUEEEEEE :3 updated 06/09

Okay, creepy little brothers aside, I struck gold on the internet today.

So, a while ago, I posted that I wanted more cutesy boybands after F.Cuz’s transformation. I was browsing around allkpop today because I was looking for the tracklist for Secret’s latest single, Madonna (pretty good song, sounds a lot like Magic though >.<). This one article with a picture of a boyband I didn’t recognize caught my attention…

Well, lo and behold, someone out there heard my plea 😀

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Oh God.

Well, when I went to take a shower this morning, my razor had completely disappeared from the shower. I’d used it last time I took a shower, which was only 2 days ago, and for some reason the razor cover was still there. Ben was the last one to have taken a shower (and the only other one home), I asked him where it could’ve went, he said he didn’t know.

So, I grabbed a new one and took my shower… but I was insanely suspicious. There were little bits of hair stuck to the bathtub and the walls. They had to have come from somewhere and it definitely wasn’t me.

Well, I’d forgotten about that until we were driving home from seeing Shrek Forever After in 3D at Rainbow Cinemas (we had coupons >.>)… He had his hands up behind is head in that relaxing position…

His armpits were very obviously shaved.

My conclusion? Ben’s using my razor. And that’s disgusting, so I’m hiding it. I’ve already had a previous incident with my stuff in the bathroom being used by an unknown someone, last time it was my delicious-smelling orange lotion… is any of my stuff in the bathroom not safe anymore? D:

Nine Muses… no >.>

I meant to post this ages ago, so now I’m wrote it on my laptop while we got lost trying to find our way to Boston.

So, I expressed how excited I was about Nine Muses a few posts ago… I loved Give Me. It is/was such a well-orchestrated song. And I still think it is, I really need to stop neglecting to download it… Well, a few nights ago I was listening to my music on my iPod when I realized I never downloaded that song. With my laptop out of reach with the 10 PM rule and all that, I searched “Nine Muses” on Youtube… Lo and behold, the Muses had finally made their official debut with a song called “No Playboy”, so I checked it out.

All I have to say is: Nine Muses is a very, very wrong name for the group. It’s really should be: A Decent Singer, a Rapper and a Bunch of Models.

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