Top 7!

I put this off too long to do my “Things with Green” theme so it’s a normal top 7 this week XD

  1. Jeez – B2Y. God, I love B2Y’s sound, so ABBA-esque without being ABBA.
  2. Crazily Pretty – DNT (Dragon ‘n’ Tiger). Found these guys in the Related Videos for #1 XD Either way, this is pretty funky… as the person who posted the video said: They kinda remind me of 2NE1 😛
  3. Chocolate Love – SNSD. I really preferred the f(x) version of this song, but the SNSD version has kind of grown on me…
  4. Me – Super Junior-M. God, I love their beautiful smiles, and I love this happy song 😀
  5. Break It – Namie Amuro. The MV to this kinda creeps me out, and I have no clue who this person is, but I like how this song has a vaguely K-pop-ish feel to it.
  6. How – Sori. I just noticed Sori released more than just Real Lips, so I checked out how other tracks, and I’m actually really liking her sound for some reason. It’s cutesy in an SNSD-ish way, but Sori’s got her own strange charm, which is kinda proven by this song after you get through the chorus for the first time XD
  7. BONAMANA (live acoustic remix) – Super Junior. Saved best for last, because this is just funky 😀 Really helped me appreciate as Bonamana as its own song and not some watered-down Sorry Sorry ❤

Oh lord ;_;

Random post before I go to sleep…

So, I’ve been spending a lot of time on this certain forum which happens to have a chat room. A fair amount of the more active members happen to be from Europe, and with them being several hours ahead of us and stuff, a lot of people went to sleep a few hours ago. So I was alone, chatting with this guy from the UK, when he randomly says:

“Wait. If you’re from Canada, how can you speak fluent English?”

… is this what things have come to? Is Canada so out of sync with the rest of the world that even the British don’t know we speak English over here? I gotta admit it, I found that funny at first but now it’s kinda sad… O.o

I think I need to go to a zoo.

I had a lot of random, short dreams last night, including one where I was riding a sled with a dog through construction being done on my street, but this one is the one I remember the most vividly:

So I was home alone. In a dream, this obviously can’t go well. I walked over to the kitchen, and I ended up looking out the window…

There was a freaking TIGER in the backyard. Panicking, I ran to the front door, and I looked out the window.

There was a freaking LION in the front. I heard a crash in the kitchen, and then crunching sounds. The tiger had gotten into the house. Panicking even more, I grabbed the phone (lolwhut) and started dialing our home phone number for some reason (double lolwhut).

Then I woke up XD

Pics of my new haircut

Yeah, got this done yesterday, was too lazy to take pics then, so here they are now ^.^ (Click them for the full-size-reduced-to-25%-size-so-you-can-see-them versions)

^ First time in ages I’ve gotten a decent smile picture while trying… if only it wasn’t blurry x.x

Too close for comfort? XD Eeeh, my eyes look actually hazel in that one 😀 They almost always look brown in pictures, don’t like it when that happens…

And if anyone happened to have noticed: yeah, that’s a new shirt 😛

Does anyone recognize this?

As some of you may know, I’ve been cleaning out the pile of drywall and dust I call my room, and being a packrat, I hoard some odd stuff. I came across this random sheet of paper titled “Random Poem.” Judging from its contents I’d say I wrote it in grade 9, and so I’m wondering: does anyone recognize this poem? I’m thinking I might have wrote it but I kinda don’t remember XD

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Another random video

This is… awesome on so many levels. I mean, I’ve always loved Jackie Chan. I never knew you could train a fish to do tricks. Ladies and gentleman, Mr Chan pulled it off.

If I were to grade that in awesomeness, on a scale of 1-10, that’d be a 22.

What I watched today.

I just noticed SMEnt released a dance version of SHINee’s Lucifer, and daaaang, I’m diggin’ it:

(Watch for Taemin’s adorable smile at 0:51-ish <3)