Top 7+1 (RARGH)

I had a feeling of dread when I was coming home, that feeling you get when you have homework… Then I remembered my forgotten homework was actually fun XD

  1. Wealthy 2nd Generation – Ajoo. This guy’s name might be a tad silly, but the song definitely isn’t 😛 (Oh, and I’m not linking to the MV or just an audio video because the women in the MV don’t have enough clothes on and in the audio video, the picture of Ajoo had too much underwear showing >.> Even if he’s pretty frickin’ hot without a shirt on, that’s still no excuse to have your pants falling down as well… *awkwardface*)
  2. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Lee Hyori. I admit, I wasn’t really a fan of HyoLee’s, but this song kinda grew on me… Kekeke, and it looks like she has an army of clothed Lady GaGa’s behind her in the vid XD
  3. Lupin – KARA. Another band I wasn’t a fan of, I found KARA’s style too cutesy, but as with all popular girl groups nowadays, they’re trying to make a more “mature” image for themselves. Jess approves.
  4. Real Lips – (Kim) Sori. I don’t know who this Sori gal is or where the heck she comes from (whoever says “Korea, duh”: take our left hand and hold it out in front of you. Take your right hand, put it on top of your left hand, bring it up, then down really quickly.), but she’s not half-bad.
  5. Uso (Lies) – Sid. Random Japanese band, can’t remember how I found them, but that’s a minor detail, I like their sound.
  6. One Night Stand – Exit This Side. I kept hearing this song on BOB FM and kept neglecting to download it until a few nights ago. This song is so catchy and I just love the lines “You gotta let me go, ’cause I’m in love with rock ‘n’ roll.” Oh, did I mention they’re from Vancouver? Yeah Canada 😀
  7. Koi no Abo – NEWS. (Sorry, can’t find an audio version, all the results besides this one were crappy covers >.> Okay, maybe that’s a bit mean considering I didn’t watch any of them, they were just annoying me since I couldn’t find an audio video because of them cluttering the search results…) It’s NEWS. They rule. Watch the movie.
  8. Love Ya – SS501. DUUUUUDE. Gimme a minute to wipe my drool my drool off from my face and pick my jaw up off the floor. I think that sums it up XD
    • Stephie
    • June 21st, 2010

    #4…. MME GRATTON!!!! XD hehe, I love math class ;P

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